• "No one comes late to a Wi-Fi Pub!"
  • "The most satisfying app I've ever used with my smartphone, and you don't need to download it!"
  • Share your experience with your friends and earn credits

Choose your rewards

Connect to the facebook page of your favorite location, click on the tab "Checkin and Win" and find the offers reserved for you.

Create your coupons

From your personal dashboard you can check your points, choose your preferred awards and create your coupon with just one click.

Show the coupons and get your gift

Go back to your favorite location, show your coupon and redeem your rewards.

And don't forget to invite your friends, with each checkin you will multiply your rewards.

The first who arrive more points he gains!

Available on all shapes and sizes
Oooh shiny object!

Are you ready?

From your favorite venue...

Connect to the Internet for free and start to get points as soon as you check in
Invite your friends to checkin and multiply your points.
The more shares your checkin receives the more points you earn.
And if you agree to receive SMS or e-mail from your favorite location you get more points.

Sounds good? Pass the word!

Find a WiFi Pub and enjoy Wimo Social