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Wimo Social, the App that multiplies your customers.

"Wimo Social" will let you give more attention to customers who promote your business to their friends

The innovative coupon management system, integrated with Wi-Fi and social networks, allows you to reward and encourage your customers word of mouth referrals.

  • "The most innovative Application for customer loyalty!"
  • "It's never been easier to manage coupons and promotions, it is a great App"
  • "With just one service you are able to manage coupons, offer Wi-Fi to your customers, and update your Facebook page."
Revolutionary Perfection

Simple, practical and quick

Install the application on your facebook business page.

Your clients will be able to check their points, find new offers and promotions, choose their liked gift, and create their coupons with just one click.

Your customers will come return to your location with their friends and pick up their awards by showing the coupon.

Coupons + Wi-Fi + Facebook

Using a tablet or a smartphone, you will be able to void redeemed coupons with just one click or tap.

The friendly and usefull dashboard shows all the promotional tools needed to promote your business: coupons, digital flyers, sms and mailing list to keep you so you in touch with your customers.

Available on all shapes and sizes
Oooh shiny object!

Coupon + Wi-Fi + Facebook.

Order your Wimo Free Wi-Fi Kit now and you will receive free "Wimo Social", the innovative customer loyalty service.

This special offer include:

- All inclusive WIMO Marketing services: euro/month 12,50*
- Hardware plug&play "Wimo Easy 30": euro 150,00* (one-off)
- Welcome kit with 500 SMS, window stickers, merchandising: FREE!

* Billed annually - Prices excluding VAT

What are you waiting for? Join the network!

Wimo is used in the trendiest locations:

  • Promenade du Port - Porto Cervo - Ismeralda Coast, Sardinia - Italy
  • Spinnaker - Porto Rotondo - Ismeralda Coast, Sardinia - Italy
  • Mo Confort Cafe' - Milan - Italy
  • Arenile Reload - Naples - Italy
  • Phi Beach - Baia Sardinia - Ismeralda Coast, Sardinia - Italy
  • Frank Malone - Naples - Italy
  • Officine della Birra - Milan - Italy
  • Fata Morgana - Taranto - Italy
  • Bar del Mulino - Aosta - Italy
  • 13 Tapas Bar- Palermo - Sicilia - Italy
  • Giusto Spirito - Reggio Emilia - Italy